This being summertime and all, we decided to tackle a topic which most of us are kind of familiar to. We’re talking about allergies and their ilk, the bane of typically sensitive people all around the world. What are the common ones that are most prevalent in our country, their typical mode of delivery and of how do we fare against them.

It is our aim to bring you relevant content which may prove to be useful in your daily lives. And as we always say, reading gives us valuable knowledge about different things, which then also empowers us to do something about them. So read on and be informed, who knows you might get something valuable out of it.

Common Allergies Found in the U.S.A.

Pollen Allergy

Pollen is the most prevalent allergen that causes allergic reactions to people here in America. In fact the majority of cases of allergies admitted in hospitals across the country have it for its cause. Pollens are microscopic particles used by plants to reproduce. It is released to the air by plants during all times of the year, but is most prevalent during the spring and summer as these are the times when plants grow and flowers bloom. Pollen is then inhaled unaware by people through normal breathing and complications arise when the person is allergic to them.

Typical symptoms of pollen allergies consists of frequent bouts of sneezing, red and watery eyes, clogged up nose, itchy throat, cough, and headaches. For more severe cases, such as when hay fever is apparent, the symptoms degenerate into facial pain, feeling of fluid in lungs, tightness of chest, shortness of breath, and overall tiredness and fatigue.

Dust Mites Allergy

These creatures you don’t really see but they cause quite a lot of problems to your health. Dust mites are microscopic organisms that live in the dust in and around the house. They eat dead skin cells which constantly drop off from our body and if you have that nasty cold that seems never to end, dust mites might be the cause of that.

Dust mites like warm temperatures for reproduction and is very rampant between the times of July and August because of the heat in the environment. They are most commonly found in carpeting, sofas, bed, pillows, and other items around the house which dust accumulates on.

Dust mite allergy symptoms mimic that of pollen allergies, though in a lesser degree, and can be somewhat alleviated by the use of natural antihistamine found around the house such as Vitamin C and the Omega3 fatty acids found in some fishes.

Allergy to Molds

Molds are those somewhat creepy things that grow in damp and dark places. Mold also occurs on food left over for a long duration of time and is seen as sometimes greenish looking furry growth, sometimes black or white in color. They are also living things that reproduce by spraying microscopic spores to the air, and it is those things that cause allergic reactions in human if they unwittingly inhaled some. Mold allergies are closely related to asthma that an exposure to them generates similar reactions from the body such as when you have asthma. Symptoms like shortness of breath, wheezing, runny nose, and other symptoms that makes you feeling miserable.