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Pregnancy Signs

Pregnant people, for some reason, sometimes wonder about the exact date on which they conceived the baby that is already in their bellies, or if they are really pregnant in the first place. It was a daunting task back in the past where no scientific analysis about the subject yet existed. Now we have all the tools needed for such an exact identification and also the answers to all the questions which might prop up during the course of a pregnancy.

Knowledge it seems, really is the answer, and that same knowledge we will try to pass to you. So read on and always be guided on things you might have a use for in the future, as always, reading is the key.

Most Probable Signs of Pregnancy

Cessation of Menstruation

Missing a period may mean a lot of things but missing it on consecutive months may be a sure sign of pregnancy occurring. Menstruation is the process of the uterine walls shedding its coating which, normally happens every month to all women, barring any rare condition that is. When one is pregnant, hormones in the body stops the uterus from shedding as fertilized egg, or eggs, is already implanted on its walls, instead it thickens to protect the egg contained in it. So if you stopped menstruating, chances are very high that you already are on the way.

Changes in the Breast

Hormones also are the culprit behind the seeming changes in the already pregnant female. The breast becomes enlarged and somewhat tingly to the touch. The areolas might get a little darker in color and the breasts may become swollen and painful as though it underwent a beating of some sort. These symptoms usually clear out about three weeks after it’s commencement as the surging hormones in the woman’s body begin to quiet down and prepare for the long haul.

Morning Sickness

Nausea and vomiting, cravings, and aversion to certain foods, are also caused by the raging hormones inside a woman’s body. These symptoms may occur on any time of the day but are more prevalent during the morning, hence the name. These symptoms are relatively strong as even once favorite foods become hated when the hormones dictate it. Hormones also are responsible for the rather slow emptying of the pregnant woman’s stomach, which, in turn, makes her feel full all the time. Morning sickness coupled with the previous signs do point to an actual pregnancy already happening.

So When Did you really conceived of the Baby in Your Belly?

Implantation calculators, like the ones at, would help very much with these sorts of problems as they are created with this very question in mind. You can find many of them in the internet and although they might have different presentations and other aesthetic differences, they are all the same in function.

You will be asked on the exact date of the start your last period as well as the exact date of your last ovulation, also of the average length of your menstruations. When you have managed to enter all the pertinent data, all that’s left needed is to press a button and the exact date of implantation will be shown to you. Some calculators also give out the chance percentage of you being fertile during any time, and also the exact date of delivery if in case you really are pregnant.

The Hedgehog

In line with our push to give you valuable reads which might mean something to you, we bring you an alternative pet the likes you might never have heard of nor ever considered having before, the Hedgehog.

The Hedgehog, an animal about the size of a common cat which originally hails from parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa but not really endemic to the continents of Australia and the Americas, have recently been gaining traction as pets among people of various persuasions.

Hedgehogs are spiny animals of the subfamily Erinaceinae that is more closely related to the shrew than to porcupines, who are generally classified as rodents. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals preferring to do their thing under the cover of darkness and are omnivores by nature, which means they will eat almost anything they happen to chance upon like fruits, vegetables, insects or other small animals that they can handle.

Hedgehogs are commonly identified by their spines, which are made of Keratin and are hollow tubes as compared to the porcupine one’s which contains barbs at their ends and are both solid and sharp at the same time. They have small pig-like snouts as their mouths and have a furry soft underbody. Hedgehogs are also known to hibernate when they are put into much colder climates.

Hedgehogs “quills” or sheds their quills once in their lifetime, usually when they come of age and trade their baby quills with adult ones. When threatened, hedgehogs usually either just run away, or roll up into a ball with only their quill side exposed and just generally stay in place until the threat has passed.

Hedgehogs are very docile animals which really make them ideal pets. Hedgehogs as pets have been gaining popularity these days as they are very easy to maintain as they keep to themselves most of the time. They hunt down rats and any other pests in your yard if allowed to roam free, or just keep to themselves and hide behind enclosure the times they are kept in cages.

Typical hedgehog cages are very similar to hamster cages but only on a slightly bigger scale. There are the food and water receptacles which are basic to any animal cages, an exercise wheel to keep them fit and not bored, a bedding of some sort as hedgehogs are burrowing animals and loves to dig around, and the all-important place to hide which they really need as they are nocturnal animals and are very shy in nature.

Hedgehogs usually live for about two to five years in captivity and does require licenses to be obtained in most states just to own one, as they are considered an invasive species which is a threat to both the local fauna and the native wildlife. All things considered, hedgehogs do make good pets if only for their appearance and demeanor. But as with any other pets, one has to make sure he is capable of caring for the animal before buying, else it would just be cruelty to them if done otherwise.


Does getting tattoos ever entered you mind? Have you ever wondered what it takes to get one, or even how painful a process it could be to some? Well wonder no more as we try to explain the intricacies of tattooing and what it could mean for you. And as we always say, knowledge about something gives you power over it. So please read on and be guided accordingly.

Accomplish all the necessary items first

What we are talking about here are all the basic stuffs needed for getting a tattoo. Make sure you are already of age to get one as underage people are not allowed to get tattoos. Also make sure of finding the right parlor to get your tattoo done and an accomplished tattoo artist that is known for his work. Visit several parlors before choosing the right one that suits your needs, making sure to check for cleanliness and the hygiene of the place. Also be ready with the image that you want and the location to put it in, either choosing between chest tattoos for men, side tattoos, shoulder tattoos, or in any other place of your choosing.

Initial preparation

The tattoo artist sterilizes and disinfects every item to be used in the tattooing process and prepares all the ink that is required by your image. He then prepares a stencil of your design and places it on the area you want your tattoo to be located.

Tattooing Process

  • Outlining – The tattoo artist uses a mono-tipped needle and diluted black ink to make a permanent outline on top of the stencil to be used as guide in the tattooing process. They do it methodically starting from the bottom part of the image to the top, always making sure never to smear ink into the stencil as doing so will destroy the original image, which can cause problems later on in the shading process.
  • Shading – After creating the outline of the image, the whole area is soaped and rinsed in preparation for the actual tattooing process. The tattoo artist then uses all the needles and thicker inks to create the tattoo, always changing gears and equipment depending on what is needed by the tattoo. This is the part when a tattoo artist’s skill becomes apparent as inexperienced technique may lead to much pain and longer healing time for the one tattooed.
  • Coloring – The tattoo artist cleans the area again in preparation for coloring if it is needed. Several layers of a particular color may be needed to get the proper hue and intensity that the image requires. It is also here that the artist checks if there are any gaps in the inking of the tattoo and performs any revisions needed.

After Care

The tattoo artist wipes the tattooed area clean of any blood or plasma that was left during the tattooing process and applies a gauze or bandage over the area to minimize the happening of infections. He will then instruct you on the proper cleaning and care of your tattoo for the next couple of weeks, leaving you with tips on what you will do for your tattoo to heal quickly.

Help is Greatly Needed There

Literacy is a basic thing that must be afforded to all people everywhere as it is their tool towards a more productive life. But sadly that is not the case for many of our brothers who have more pressing problems than learning how to read or write, and tragically in this day and age of technology and major advancements in science, many people have no access to clean water, much less food and needed medical care that they die from such basic things.

Such is the state of affairs in many of the third world nations of the world who cannot even provide the basic necessities like health services, schooling and food security to its people. For example in Africa, a large continent home to both deserts and deep forests alike, people are dying from starvation on a daily basis, but not much have been done to remedy the situation.

Not content on the poor environment on which they presently live in, various minority groups decided that it would be great if they get to fight wars amongst themselves instead of working together to achieve common good. What happens is that scant funds of the government that is much needed for basic services for the people, are funneled to maintain the war effort. Corruption among the leaders need not be mentioned as it is already a given in these kinds of situations.

Who is left to suffer but the common people who was supposed to be the ones they were protecting in the first place. Food is nowhere to be found if not for the various international organizations that are too hard pressed in keeping up to feed the multitude of hungry people that come to them every day. People there are very lucky already if they get to eat once a day.

diarrhea during pregnancyWater in such a hot place also poses too great of a problem to the people of Africa as most of its nations are located in and amongst the great deserts of the world, that most of its population knew of thirst the minute they were born. There is little, if at all, infrastructures towards this end that people rely on ancient methods to find water. Whatever water that is found is not yet sure of safeness, but they consume it nevertheless, as bad water is much better than no water at all they say.

The resulting sickness from the drinking of dirty water is already a way of life to the people there. Diarrhea during pregnancy is so common that it is already part of giving birth, and when they get to luckily deliver the baby, diarrhea in toddlers is already there, waiting for the children to drink their first sip of water. Such is the life they are living.

Knowing that they are suffering greatly there, it is up to those who are well-off to bring them hope and help them live a proper life. It is not fair to live and die from not having the things that most of the world has plenty of. Everyone is equal in the eyes of our Maker. Everyone must help.



On Teaching Children

Teaching little children how to read and write must be among the most rewarding job a person could ever have. The feeling of contentment always is renewed every time you see their little eyes grow big with amazement, the times they manage to do something correctly.

You never really get tired of telling them to try and write between the lines, or of how does the letter Q actually sounds like. You take it as some sort of a kid thing every time they exchange the letters R and L, and almost can’t control laughing the times they ask of why the small letters seem to always have tails and other silly things. They somehow reminded of days long gone when you were just like them.

Never thought that this advocacy could be both that much fun and fulfilling at the same time. One literally grows with the children as you teach them basic tools they need to get further in life, all the while they are also teaching you of basic rules to help get you back into life. Sometimes the line between teacher and student gets blurred and you end up learning more than you have managed to teach. It’s always like that with them beautiful creatures.

We always strive to make learning fun for them, they being children and all, to at least hope to get their attention most of the time. We know how fickle children can be so we keep on thinking of ways to keep them interested. We always change the way we teach, we always update our teaching materials, and sometimes we even bring them out of the classroom to experience first-hand, the things being taught inside.

We sometimes bring everything into the makeshift classrooms, sort of like reversed show and tell wherein the teachers are the ones who bring stuff and explain what they are to the kids. The children respond very well to these kinds of things and we make it a point to do it often as they seem very happy and engaged doing it.

A particular favorite among the kids is an adorable Yorkie poodle named Bingo. Kids always flock around Bingo every time he is present and all the work that needs to be done get finished easily. It’s as if the kids don’t want to do badly around Bingo.

Bringing the Yorkie poodle to class was really a good idea as the kids get to interact with a live thing that responds to them, as opposed to inanimate objects with whom they get bored easily. Bingo being an outrageously cute member of a very diverse pool of poodle mixes didn’t hurt either. We decided on him because of their breed’s penchant of being particularly good around children as well as their boundless energy, which also turns out to be quiet useful and timely when dealing with children.

We always strive very hard to teach the children well, to somehow give them the early boost towards their lifelong journey. They really are the future, and judging by the way they smile, the future looks bright.

Other Problems Encountered During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is such a joyful occasion as soon you are going to be a mother to a baby born out of love. But being pregnant is really never easy as there are myriads of problems that show up during this time. Big problems and serious problems you certainly have prepared for, but there are other problems that crop up that seem to totally blindside you.

Today we’re going to discuss about these other problems related to pregnancy and what you can do about them. And as what we always say, knowledge about something gives you power over it. So read all about it and be informed, who knows, maybe you’ll find here the answer that you’ve always been looking for.

Excessive Gas & Burping

Its cause: Your abdomen becomes crowded because of the growing baby thereby causing digestion problems which leaves you gaseous and bloated.

What you can do about it: Avoid oily foods and carbonated drinks to at least minimize your chances of flatulence and gas from developing. Starchy foods are also known to cause gas so try to eat them in moderation. Eating frequent smaller meals instead of big ones help too.

Linea Nigra

Its cause: A black line which can extend from the pubis to the upper part of the abdomen but usually stops at the umbilicus area. It’s due to the over stimulation of hormones in the placenta which also causes darker nipples and melasma, dark pigmentations on a pregnant woman’s body to develop.

What you can do about it: Linea Nigra usually disappears on its own a couple of months after delivery so there is really nothing to worry about. One area of concern is the excessive darkening of the line caused by too much exposure to the sun, so it is advised to wear sunscreen when exposure to the sun cannot be prevented.

Constantly Itchy Nipples

Its cause: You really can’t seem to think of a better pregnancy announcement idea because your breasts are always itching and stuff. Concentration to do basic things really suffers because of it. Breasts usually grow swollen during pregnancy in preparation for breastfeeding. This expansion of the skin on the area causes sometimes severe itchiness of the breast, particularly of the areola and nipples, to develop.

What you can do about it: The trick with this is to keep the skin in the area constantly moisturized by using mild moisturizers and creams. Wearing of rough and crisp clothes add to the itchiness so it is recommended instead to wear clothes with cottony or soft fabrics whenever possible.

Unable to Hold Urine

Its cause: Hormones which stops the monthly period while pregnant from happening also allows the pelvis to expand during pregnancy. Also during the later stages of pregnancy when the baby grows larger, it kind of takes up all available spaces in the abdomen and usually presses against the bladder wall, thereby causing urine to leak out unexpectedly.

What you can do about it: Doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles in the area is recommended. It is also advised to visit the bathroom frequently so that your bladder will not always be full. Panty liners and pregnancy diapers are the last line of defense against unsightly wet spots caused by leaking urine.

All about Gout

Gout, a relatively insignificant illness which becomes very important the times you happen to get it. Where does it come from, how do we get it, and how do we go about treating it, are several questions that we will try to answer for the benefit of those needing information about it, those suffering from it, and those who regard valuable information as a way of life. It is our mission to inform everyone on everything that is of importance one little step at a time, and as we always say, reading about a thing give us power over it. So read on and be informed.

pain on top of footHow Do We Get Gout?

Gout is a kind of arthritis which can affect the various joints in our body. Although it is seldom chronic and lasting, it makes up for it by the very painful feeling you experience every time it attacks. It is fairly common on the joints of either foot particularly on the joint connecting the metatarsals of the big toe.

It first appears as a reddening of the area afflicted then swelling of the structures around it occurs. When in full swing, gout renders the area immoveable as a slight movement usually entails excruciating pain, which can also radiate to a pain on top of foot or even up to the legs in some cases. An attack usually last about five days with the first three days being the most painful.

Gout is caused by the buildup of uric acid in the affected joint. Uric acid is produced by the body through normal metabolism when we eat too much food that is rich in purines such as red meat, game meat, seafood, nuts, animal organs such as kidney, liver, etc., beer and other beverages containing yeast or are fermented, and gravy to name a few. Uric acid looks like small, rough, salt like structures under the microscope, which is also the reason why we hurt so much when we have gout, as they scratch at the nerves and other structures inside the joint when it is moved.

Uric acid is also responsible for the appearance of stones in other organs of our body namely the kidneys and the liver. Liver pain caused by uric acid is similar to what you feel when you have kidney stones wherein waves of pain are radiated from the back down to the legs.

How do we treat Gout?

Treating gout requires a total change in your eating habit as they are the primary cause of you developing uric acid in the first place. Conscious effort must be done on not eating foods that are high in purine, and also the avoidance of fatty and high-fructose foods as they too contribute to the generation of uric acid.

Drinking plenty of water is also advised as water flushes out the impurities present in our bodies, uric acid being one of them, and also aids in the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys where uric acid is typically produced.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) like Ibuprofen, Advil, Motren, and Naproxen are the first line of over the counter drugs used for the pain caused by gout, while Colchicine and corticosteroid drugs like Prednisone are the ones used to address the inflammation and uric acid build up caused by the gout.



Problems You Might Have When Having Tattoos

Tattoos, want to have them? Chances are that you do, what with all the cool looking people around that have them, and the way society portrays having them as somewhat brazen and trailblazing. Probably you want something that makes you kind of unique from everyone else, or maybe just want to pay homage to someone or something and what better way of showing it than having a tattoo of it on your body. Tattoos are permanent things, so maybe that’s why there is such a mystique, an aura of courage, to whoever wears them.

But did you also know that having tattoos do have several problems, health wise in particular, that is associated with them? So before you go and get your beautiful chest tattoo, make sure you read about the consequences involved in such an undertaking. We do not really mean to scare you off from having them, but rather inform you about them to make your own decision regarding the matter. Remember reading is knowledge, and with knowledge comes power.

Common Problems You May Experience From Tattoos


Sure you got the perfect tattoo that anyone can be proud of, but you really just don’t know how to care for them. It’s either your tattoo artist didn’t give you tips on how to clean and care for it, or you’re just too lazy to bother with them, thinking that it probably will just heal on its own, like you’re wolverine or something. Well, even if you’ve done your job of thoroughly cleaning the tattoo, it’s still a kind of wound and wounds sometimes get infected. What’s even worse is that you can also contract hepatitis and other diseases from unclean needles.

Allergic Reactions

Tattoo ink comes from a variety of sources ranging from the synthetic ones and those that are extracted from natural things such as plants and minerals. Some of which, especially the heavy metal ones, are even toxic to humans, so the risk of getting allergic reactions from them is relatively quite high. Imagine you already have your tattoo then found out you were allergic to the red ink that was apparently made from nickel and cadmium, what then would you do as you cannot really get that ink out of your body short of scraping it off.

tattoo scabbingKeloid

Keloid formation on tattoo wounds certainly poses a great problem to those who have it. The image of the tattoo that you wanted will be greatly affected if keloids develop in the area. Tattoo scabbing too is likely to be occurring when the skin tattooed goes into healing mode, as scabs generally are just dried up blood and body fluids that normally comes up when the skin gets injured. It is recommended not to pick at the scabs for a while, as they fall off on their own when they are already sufficiently dried up, to prevent the occurrence of skin tears.


Tattoo removal is both a pretty much painful and prohibitively expensive process for one to experience. It usually requires many sessions with a laser to finally get all the ink erased from the body, and may cost in the range of a couple of thousand dollars all in all. So if you’re really raring to go get one yourself, better think about these things and if you are really willing to suffer over them, just in case everything goes wrong.