Pregnancy Signs

Pregnant people, for some reason, sometimes wonder about the exact date on which they conceived the baby that is already in their bellies, or if they are really pregnant in the first place. It was a daunting task back in the past where no scientific analysis about the subject yet existed. Now we have all the tools needed for such an exact identification and also the answers to all the questions which might prop up during the course of a pregnancy.

Knowledge it seems, really is the answer, and that same knowledge we will try to pass to you. So read on and always be guided on things you might have a use for in the future, as always, reading is the key.

Most Probable Signs of Pregnancy

Cessation of Menstruation

Missing a period may mean a lot of things but missing it on consecutive months may be a sure sign of pregnancy occurring. Menstruation is the process of the uterine walls shedding its coating which, normally happens every month to all women, barring any rare condition that is. When one is pregnant, hormones in the body stops the uterus from shedding as fertilized egg, or eggs, is already implanted on its walls, instead it thickens to protect the egg contained in it. So if you stopped menstruating, chances are very high that you already are on the way.

Changes in the Breast

Hormones also are the culprit behind the seeming changes in the already pregnant female. The breast becomes enlarged and somewhat tingly to the touch. The areolas might get a little darker in color and the breasts may become swollen and painful as though it underwent a beating of some sort. These symptoms usually clear out about three weeks after it’s commencement as the surging hormones in the woman’s body begin to quiet down and prepare for the long haul.

Morning Sickness

Nausea and vomiting, cravings, and aversion to certain foods, are also caused by the raging hormones inside a woman’s body. These symptoms may occur on any time of the day but are more prevalent during the morning, hence the name. These symptoms are relatively strong as even once favorite foods become hated when the hormones dictate it. Hormones also are responsible for the rather slow emptying of the pregnant woman’s stomach, which, in turn, makes her feel full all the time. Morning sickness coupled with the previous signs do point to an actual pregnancy already happening.

So When Did you really conceived of the Baby in Your Belly?

Implantation calculators, like the ones at, would help very much with these sorts of problems as they are created with this very question in mind. You can find many of them in the internet and although they might have different presentations and other aesthetic differences, they are all the same in function.

You will be asked on the exact date of the start your last period as well as the exact date of your last ovulation, also of the average length of your menstruations. When you have managed to enter all the pertinent data, all that’s left needed is to press a button and the exact date of implantation will be shown to you. Some calculators also give out the chance percentage of you being fertile during any time, and also the exact date of delivery if in case you really are pregnant.