Show and Tell

Apart from a child’s development of their reading and writing skills, other areas of concern are also needed to be addressed at the same time, if their total progress is to be taken into consideration. We are talking about the child’s development in the areas of physical well- being, social development, learning ability, thinking ability, and also their communication skills.

Every one of these areas must be tackled and touched upon frequently if we are to aim for total child development. Countless amounts of literature have been produced that weighs in on these subjects and there are numerous guides on how to go about teaching them.

A classic example of a well-rounded teaching technique is the show and tell. It is an activity that brings to the forefront several needed areas of child development and it also shows us insights of where the child is currently on, with regards to their total development. It can also be a tool that we can use to see where the child is lacking, so that we educators can find ways of remedying it. So what areas of child development does the show and tell tackle?

It touches up on a Child’s Self-Esteem and Thinking Ability

Children can bring anything to show and tell and everything is accepted. It may be their best pack n play that they love to use, their dad’s best travel tripod, or it may even be just a simple rock, stranger things have happened believe me.

It helps show the children’s ability to think of a thing and associate it to themselves in any way possible. It can be an attachment to it, curiosity of it, or even pride about that something that they own or have possession of. It also builds up their self-confidence when they see others are amazed by what they have done. Makes them think that they too have the ability to be “cool”.

It Hones their Social Skills

Speaking in front of many people brings about a certain confidence in a child that they think that it is always a good thing to have a chance at interacting with people. They become aware that they are part of something and that they can have a say about anything. It also teaches them the proper way of interacting with different kinds of people at different times and also at different kinds of circumstances.

It Develops Oral Skills and General Well Being

The children become aware of the power of voice and their innate ability to wield it. It doesn’t come natural to anybody to learn how to express themselves orally, but once they try it out, especially in front of many people, then it becomes inherent. They also soon know that they can in fact do something worthwhile and knowing that makes them feel good about themselves.

Doing show and tell countless of times on the course of our teaching careers certainly showed us its ability towards the growth and development of a child. You can clearly see marked improvement in a child right after they have performed it and it is a big help to teaching them.