Teeth Basics



It is very likely that most of us have experiences with toothaches at one point or another as they are pretty much a rite of passage with us humans. You will remember how particularly hard it was suffering through it, that you might promise yourself to take better care of your teeth from that time onwards, and did eventually, as you do not really want to experience such pain ever again. Turns out toothaches are very good teachers as you really learn your lessons well about oral care.

But to be really knowledgeable about it, we must go in depth with the going’s-on inside the mouth and what it may mean for most of us. It is also with the awareness of that knowledge which makes us better at taking care of our teeth, as no one in his right mind really would dare experience the infamy of toothaches. And as we always say, read about it to enable you to do something about it.

How Do Toothaches Come About?

Well toothaches really come from the bacteria that are eating away inside your tooth. It has come so deep inside of the tooth that it is already in contact with the nerve endings found there, and that is what causes the hurting primarily. It begins when you do not take good care of your teeth, seldom brushing and never flossing, which allows bacteria to accumulate in the little spaces in between your teeth and also on it.

Eating food entails the constant production of plaque, a thin coating of food residue that also contains bacteria, on the teeth and gums. These bacteria feed on the sugars contained in the food we eat and secrete acid on the enamel of the teeth. When the accumulation becomes significant, which also means the bacteria are already entrenched on the teeth, tiny holes, or cavities, are then formed.

From these small holes come bigger and deeper ones as bacteria already have access to the deeper layers of the tooth. They continue to dig deeper down into the roots of the tooth and even to the gums, which also is the cause of gum pain in most cases. When this process of tooth decay is not stopped, it will eventually lead to the destruction of the tooth.

How is Tooth Decay Treated?

The first line of defense against tooth decay is, yes, plain old brushing and flossing your teeth. But if you are past the point of no return with regards to basic oral care, there are still several things that can be done to remedy the situation. A tooth hurting with cavity can be thoroughly cleaned and a filling placed on the hole for tooth pain relief, a cap or crown can be placed on missing tooth structure to halt further destruction, a root canal can be performed if the decay has totally destroyed the root pulp, and if all else fails, tooth extraction will be the last procedure to be performed on no longer salvageable teeth.

But you wouldn’t really want to experience those procedures if you had to right? So take good care of your teeth while you still have them. Your smile wouldn’t be as beautiful if you don’t.