Traveling To Do List

Attending various seminars and conference with regards to the continuing education and further enhancement of the literacy curriculum is a need most of us educators have in our chosen field. There we could gather more insights and techniques that we can utilize in the performance of our duties of educating our students. It is also a way to keep abreast of current developments in our field and also a time to compare notes with our peers from all walks of life.

But it is not all work that we do in these conferences, as we are also provided ample time for ourselves, time to get to see new sights and enjoy the local accommodations of wherever we are at. It really makes going to conferences like these truly worth our time.

Being educators, we always have these events to look forward to during the school year that we have already developed a system to go to when such an event is imminent. It tackles everything there is to do in the preparation of it, from needed items for packing, accommodations, money to bring, itineraries, contacts, and stuff. You might very well say that we have everything covered. Let us share some of our tips when traveling.

  • When traveling, the best amount of luggage to bring is two pieces besides your carry-on bag, literally one for each hand. It will also help if you got the best lightweight luggage available, as you really will carry these things around with you a lot.
  • Always check the condition of the water supply in any area you will be going to. Not every place has a very good system and you will get sick with unclean water every time. If where you’re staying at has the best reverse osmosis system under their taps then very good, if not, make sure you have a steady supply of bottled water readily available at any time.
  • If possible, bring less cash with you and instead rely on prepaid cards or travelers checks. You get to limit your spending while also ensuring you always have enough on hand.
  • Never bring expensive jewelry and just settle for the inexpensive fancy jewelry ones instead. If it gets lost then you are none the worse for it.
  • Never wander alone in a foreign place. It’s much enjoyable if you have company while going around, definitely much safer too.
  • Make sure you always have contact with your group and make sure someone always know what you are doing and where you are at.
  • Make sure you understand the culture of any foreign land you are going to, you never know if you are already offending them with your words or you gestures.
  • Beware of unscrupulous persons. When you are in doubt about anything, it’s best if you get away from it.
  • But besides everything on this list, never ever forget to have fun. Yes there can be perils everywhere, but you must always manage to have the time of your life when traveling. Make the most of everything you do as you may never pass that way again.